Patient Reviews

K. Bishop


“My initial televisit was convenient and informative. The office staff and doctor were very thorough and took the time to make sure all of my questions were answered.”

B. Wallace


“Need to fix your apps so they don’t continually make appointments I didn’t make.”

D. Cooper


“Dr. Perry and his staff are absolutely the greatest! They are caring and personable. Always knowledgeable of your needs, loves, and feelings.”

K. Conant


“Good staff and very competent doctor”

L. Ayala


“I’ve been under the care of Dr. Perry for 5 years now and he is always providing quality care! He takes the time to explain where the pain might be originating from and discuss treatment options. Thanks to his expertise, my occipital and trigeminal pain have been addressed successfully”

D. Cooper


“Dr. Perry and his staff are absolutely wonderful!! I love going in with them remembering personal things about us! Dr. Perry always holds personal conversations with us and makes us feel comfortable during our visits- it’s nice not feeling as though you are being pushed through like cattle ?”

C. Prokop


“Dr. Perry goes beyond and above. He is an integral part of my health care plan and ensures therapies need are in place and follow up visits to ensure my current plan treatments are addressed.”

B. Brimley


“Dr Perry was attentive and answered every question before I asked it. I am grateful for what they do with the upmost professionalism.”

T. McMillan


“Love Dr. Perry, the staff and the results!!! I have been coming here for years and get compliments regularly on my skin. I trust them completely and can’t imagine going any place else. Thank you for being consistently wonderful and always keeping up with the latest and greatest as it relates to anti-age skin and body.”

C. Frisby


“Dr. Perry is very thorough with his overview of the condition – occipital neuralgia and the procedure to improve it. I am very pleased to find a way forward with this debilitating condition.”

D. Cooper


“Dr. Perry and staff are absolutely amazing! They have been there for every question and concern from our consultation through surgery and during follow up. Couldn’t ask for a better, more caring medical staff!!”

K. Black


“I have been a patient of Dr. Perry since early 2018 and have had both rear and frontal decompression surgeries with him. I am still in the healing phase but am so very much better and in so much less pain that I truly believe he and Dr. Blake have given me my life back.”

E. Schmidt


“Dr. Perry is always very attentive and explains everything.”

K. Pitts


“Dr. Perry is very helpful explaining my issue and didn’t rush without answering our questions”

K. Horton


“Dr. Perry & his nurse were kind, informative, and answered all of my questions.”

D. Cooper

Deshawna Cooper

“Dr. Perry is the most amazing Dr. I have ever visited. I love the amount of time he spends with me when I am there. I’m a week out from my decompression surgery and I feel so much better already. I have already recommended Dr. Perry to numerous people!!”

D. Har


“Dr. Perry helped me so much. Headaches are going. I am mending. He even fixed an issue I had that was not standard under nerve decompression surgery. That fixed numbness that I was having in my arm.”

P. Pham


“Great dr & friendly staff”

C. Legg


“Caring office that actually listens to the patient!”

S. Adams


“Dr. Perry is not only the BEST DOCTOR /SURGEON that I’ve ever known!! I now consider him to be a Friend. He cares & takes time with each person as if they are the only one that he is seeing for the day. I consider myself very Blessed to have met this Genus of a Man. Absolutely hands down the Best at what he does.”

F. Morales


“Dr. Perry is very professional with a great personality. Is a pleasure to have him as my physician.”

D. Ingvardsen


“As always, the visit was exceptional!”

D. Galvan


“Everyone was super friendly and professional. Everything was quick and efficient and I really appreciate Dr. Perry and his staff for making me feel so welcome. I’ll definitely recommend his office and services.”

D. Galvan


“Went for a consult. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. And it was all done quickly and hassle free. 10/10 would recommend!

D. Hart


“I am hopeful that this is the answer to my daily headaches.”

G. Bowman


“Best Migraine Surgeon.”

D. Gourgues


“Dr Perry is genuine. He cares about his patients. I never feel rushed.”

D. Ingvardsen


“Always pleasant!!!!”

E. Schmidt


“Dr Perry and his staff are always wonderful to deal with.”

S. Depaepe


“Dr.Perry does a great job of explaining things and is quick to put your mind at ease on your concerns. His office staff is a little disorganized at times, otherwise I would give him the full 5 stars.”

S. Graff


“outstanding treatment ! Professionalism at the very highest degree !”

L. Smithson


“Office is very efficient and professional. Good follow up.”

C. Prokop


“I had a follow up with Dr. Perry today from a surgery a month ago. He has followed my recovery in great detail and explains the recovery process well.”

C. Turner


“Very informative! Dr. Perry showed me photos from actual surgeries and answered all of my questions thoroughly.”



“River Oaks Plastic surgery Center has a very professional and polite staff. I have been a patient of Dr. Perry’s since 2009 and he truly cares about his patients.”

S. Graff


“The best plastic surgeon that ever was or ever will be !”

R. Cannon


“Lived with headaches for almost 18 years…after Dr. Perry’s nerve decompression surgery a couple months ago, I’ve currently had a new opportunity at a pain free life again! Thank you Dr. Perry!!”

K. Black


“I’ve been treated by Dr. Perry since approximately 2017. He is very detailed and ensures that you understand the procedures, risks and possible outcomes of your possible treatments. He is great with follow-up care as well. I have had two nerve decompression surgeries and both have made improvements in my health. He truly is an expert in this particular surgery.”

G. Bowman


“Dr. Perry saved my life from migraine in 2013 and is helping me again to determine why they came back on April 1st 2020.”

T. Richie


“Dr. Perry is fantastic! I saw him for Occipital Nerve Decompression. He is very thorough. The details he considers are beyond what I’ve seen from any other doctor. A lot of his pre-op and post-op is videos and I thought that was lazy at first but the more I watched them it became clear that the videos are so he consistently provides patients with ALL the information they need to have successful outcomes.”

K. Harkins


“Dr. Perry and his staff are amazing! They have helped me over the past 5 years and almost cured me of my chronic illness. Dr. Perry is a miracle worker and I have been so blessed to have found him and Dr. Blake. I went to dozens of neurologists and it took years before finding Dr. Perry and getting answers. His staff is also super kind and very understanding.”

K. Esterly


“I wish all of my Doctors were as efficient and to the point as Doctor Perry is. I love his staff and really enjoy Dr. Perry professionalism. The office is clean with an incredible relaxing TV screen with music. I highly recommend Dr. Perry”

K. Black


“He is an excellent surgeon. I have had two decompression surgeries completed by him and feel so much better. I really appreciate how Dr. Perry and Dr. Blake work together on occipital neuralgia.”

D. Ingvardsen


“It was a great visit. The information I received was great and very encouraging for long term health!”

M. Lopez


“Very calming and great information”

A. Holden


“Professional services provided and an outstanding staff!!”

S. Fried-Fiori


“Dr. Perry does a great job of explaining and discussing what will happen before, during and after surgery. I feel well informed about my decision to move forward with my surgery. He also took time to talk with me by phone to answer my questions. I look forward to working with Dr. Perry and his team.”

C. Long


“he is awesome!!”

D. Harrison



S. Souders


“Positive experience and great staff.”

K. Ras


“Due to COVID-19, I have only been able to have a phone consultation so far. However, so far I found Dr. Perry to be thorough and answer all my questions.”

C. Long


“I love this office, they are always so personal!! Dr Perry is awesome!!”

L. Warford


“Staff does not listen, makes false claims, assures you of insurance coverages, pretends to be other staff members. Terrible staff. Dr Perry is an excellent surgeon but associated with a negligent headache center almost killed me. So I would not recommend for a headache surgery due to association with Dr. Pamela Blake, neurologist”

L. George


“Great office to work with”

C. Legg


“Telephone Visit was Great! I felt this follow-up ‘appointment’ went really well. The nurse was very thorough and I felt that she really listened to me.”

C. Baduini Zaricki


“Very good consult and with great explanations. Answered all of my questions and gave me plenty of time to discuss options.”

L. Cleman


“I have a surgery scheduled for May and am extremely hopeful that Dr. Perry can give me my life back! He seemed to be extremely caring and knowledgeable about my condition and was very organized about answering all my questions about the surgery. Honestly counting down to my surgery date… Dr. Perry seems like he can really help me.”

H. Beam


“My phone consult was done by staff member, not surgeon himself. Told I would get call next week after my chart was reviewed. Why my records from my neurologist were not sent over when they are in the same building, i do not know. I’m a nurse and took time off from work for this. Then can’t get a time or date when he may call me. I need to know ahead of time. Also paid $150 for today’s “visit.” Again. Not told this ahead of time either.”

S. Adams


“Dr. Perry is the VERY BEST out there at what he does; he is 2ND to NONE and that is a FACT!!!”

R. Fielder


“Dr. Perry explains everything in detail about what he’s doing and answers all questions in a manner that can be understood. He’s very gentle when giving Injections as well. His front staff are so sweet as well and are willing to work with you if there are any issues. I would HIGHLY recommend visiting his office!”

S. Zieba


“I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Perry and his staff. I am 2 weeks post op from the occipital nerve decompression surgery. I have been suffering from chronic daily headaches for the last 10 years which were located in the back of my head and primarily in the front left side. Since the surgery, I have no pain in the back of my head and the frontal headaches went from a daily 5-7 on a pain scale to a 3-5. Now I just have to give myself time to heal. Dr. Perry is a life saver!!”

D. Ingvardsen


“Dr. Perry and staff are always pleasant, prompt and encouraging.”

L. Holland-Nelson


“Dr.Perry has been taking care of me for 14 years…I am never disappointed! He is the best!”

D. Ingvardsen


“The staff and Dr. Perry are always very efficient and concerned about being on time.”

D. “Daynee” Helle


“Dr. Perry is excellent in medical knowledge, patient care, and safety procedures. He is affable and kind. His staff is professional and attentive. I highly recommend Dr. Carlton Perry for any plastic surgery you may be choosing. He also specializes in treating small headaches to migraines. He has a big success rate for treating headaches. ( approximately 85% of headache patients are better than before treatment). Dr. Perry is simply the best!”

T. McMillan


“Love Dr. Perry and his staff! Great location, great service, and great results! Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else! After my skin procedures, I receive countless compliments and inquiries on my skin. Love the outcome!”

A. Dylla


“Love Dr Perry and staff!”

S. Adams


“In the private area for office only”

N. Jones


“I am scheduled for nerve decompression surgery in December. I called the office Thursday with some questions and Sally & Diana scheduled me on the books the very next day. Dr. Perry sat down with me and answered EVERY question/ concern that I had. Not once did my husband or I feel rushed. Dr. Perry’s knowledge on my condition has exceeded ANY doctors that I have seen in Houston, and I have seen about 25!!! Never encountered a staff or Doctor so emphatic and knowledgeable. Truly a blessing !!”

D. Stoner


“The surgery is great feel so much better. But it isn’t proven so make sure your insurance will pay before you have the surgery.”

A. Eggert


“I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Perry and his staff. I am 2 weeks post op from the occipital nerve decompression surgery. I have been suffering from chronic daily headaches for the last 10 years which were located in the back of my head and primarily in the front left side. Since the surgery, I have no pain in the back of my head and the frontal headaches went from a daily 5-7 on a pain scale to a 3-5. Now I just have to give myself time to heal. Dr. Perry is a life saver!!”

N. Jones


“Dr. Perry has literally saved my life. After almost 20 different doctors, 3 hospitalizations, and 4 different neurologist, Dr. Perry was able to easily diagnose my condition. We found Dr. Perry through google and when we finally met him it was unbelievable. He was so prepared with a presentation slide show that detailed all of the symptoms I had. His bedside manner is incredible and he is super easy to talk to.”

P. Williams


“From Sally to Diana to Dr. Perry, I have been treated like an individual client. Dr. Perry provided very thorough pre op surgery expectations, surgery day and post op expectations. And he’s been 100% right! Love this medical group.”

A. Dylla


“Super great thorough knowledgeable doctor and staff”

A. Holden


“The professionalism of the staff and Dr. Perry is unmatched. His staff is A1…first class!”

M. Del Carmen Abascal


“Very good”

M. Lawall


“Dr. Perry is the best doctor I’ve ever seen in my life. I will always be grateful for his care.”

M. Lawall


“Dr. Perry has honestly given me hope for a new life. I can see a future without pain, and I never thought I’d be able to say that. I am immeasurably grateful.”

A. Eggert


“I have suffered from Chronic Occipital Neuralgia for 8 years. Dr. Perry is extremely talented and full of an immense amount knowledge. While I was answering paperwork questions with one of the ladies at the front desk they noticed the intense pain I was experiencing. The woman catered to me and put cold wash towels around my neck to help bring the pain level Down. Could not speak more highly of Dr. Perry or his marvelous staff!”

D. Angelle


“Have had headaches for 14 years daily and no relief. Dont know how many doctors, times been to the urgent care or just been told nothing can be done and pills thrown at me. Dr Perry is absolutely amazing. I am 6 days post op and have not had a headache. Dr Perry is very thorough, compassionate and has a great bedside manner. He also has a wonderful staff that really care and will take good care of you. I know its early but thank you Dr Perry and staff. Absolutely the best. Highly recommend!”

C. Day


“Dr. Perry was very thorough explaining the procedures and answering all my questions. I didn’t feel rushed and much of my anxiety was alleviated when all was said and done. The support staff, Sally and Diana, were personable and helpful. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.”

N. Vera


“Dr Perry always takes time to explain post operation questions I have and is very informative.”

T. Daniel


“Great service. Explained everything very well.”

D. Gerstenberge


“Dr. Perry is professional, kind and detailed in his medical explanations. With his innovative surgery for occipital neuralgia, he has given me the chance to lead the rest of my life without a daily excutiating headache.”

K. Harkins


“Dr. Perry cured me of a condition that cased me grief for many many years. He takes care of his patients, truly cares about them, and his staff is always friendly and polite.”

N. Washington


“Ms. Sally, Nicole and Cody are great.”

P. Fairchild



G. Martin


“Friendly staff. Doctor was great at explaining things and answering all my questions.”

N. Vera


“Absolutely love Dr Perry and his staff”

K. Black


“I feel better already after having surgery just last week. Dr. Perry does an amazing job.”

C. Legg


“Excellent doctor and great team ! I have had wonderful visits each time I have been to Dr. Perry’s office. I am in the middle of treatment so I will have many more visits to come!”

L. Ash


“Great Doctor! Very knowledgeable for my condition. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for migraine relief.”

N. Vera


“Dr Perry and his staff are amazing. I wouldn’t trust any other Dr to perform the occipital nerve decompression surgery. I trust him completely. His staff are very friendly and caring.”

D. Stoner


“I enjoy getting to meet and talk to others that have had the decompression surgery like me. I also get to meet people who are contemplating having the surgery and letting them know how well it went for me. Being a testimonial and encouraging them.”

L. Ash


“This office is awesome!! Everyone is fantastic to deal with. Dr. Perry is an expert in his field. Very caring and knowledgeable. Would recommend him to anyone that needs to have surgery. Can’t find anything wrong with his practice.”

C. Legg


“Very nice office, the support team is great -professional yet personable. Dr Perry is very kind and easy to talk to- he does listen! I am very comfortable with the physical therapist- she is a good coach!! The entire office is efficient and accommodating. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr Perry and look forward to a healthy relationship with the entire team.”

K. Cousins


“I would refer Dr. Perry to anyone who is interested in getting occipital nerve decompression surgery. He is sincere and professional. My recovery has been great.”

D. Vanmarion


“Dr Perry is amazing. He takes as much time with you as needed. He listens to you and is easy to talk with. He is very knowledgeable and really wants You to be satisfied . Dr. Perry’s staff is friendly , helpful, and courteous also. I highly recommend Dr. Perry for your medical concerns.”

C. McDonald


“Dr. Perry took time to explain the procedure. He answered all of my questions and didn’t make me feel rushed. His staff was very friendly and accommodating.”

D. Stoner


“Would recommend to anyone who are having these headaches. Yall were a God send.”

S. Gott


“I only wish all doctor’s could be as caring, knowledgeable, and respectful as Dr Perry. His staff is wonderful. I could not have gotten through my surgery without Dr Perry’s staff. They handled all of my scheduling (even with other doctors) and all of my insurance needs. I have NOTHING negative to say about River Oaks Plastic Surgery Center. God sent!”

K. Cousins


 “The office is welcoming. Dr. Perry is wonderful. I have no complaints.”

L. Guillen


“Good visit”

N. Washington


“Wonderful Doctor”

A. Pippin


“He saved my life, simple as that”

R. Adams


“Dr. Perry is a very thorough doctor with a great bedside manner.”

D. Stoner


“Love this place everyone is so friendly and caring would highly recommend to anyone”

M. Brill


“Dr. Perry and his staff not only know every patient by name, but interact with them with such care and empathy.”

A. Brown


“I have the highest regard for Dr. Perry. He listens and thoroughly answers questions. He does not rush you through an appointment. I trust his medical advice, surgery expertise and care.”

B. Little


“Dr. Perry is the best at what he does. He relieved my occipital headaches with his surgery. I’m 7 weeks out and still headache free!!????.”

L. Ash


“Dr. Perry and his staff are fantastic!! Very caring and have the patients best interest at the forefront of everything they do. Will fight for the patient when it comes to insurance. Recommend his practice 1000 times over.”

D. Stoner


“Love the place would recommend anytime”

A. Holden


“Timely professional care provided.”

E. Schmidt


“Dr Perry and his entire staff are always friendly and professional. Dr Perry takes as much time as necessary to answer your questions and explain all treatments.”

D. Pieterse


“Great Surgeon. Very experienced.”

M. Maze


“Dr. Perry is such a pleasure to deal with. He listens to you.”

A. Weigand


“Dr. Perry’s practice is fantastic-it’s professional, yet fun. He puts his patients at ease by truly listening first, then making his recommendations. It’s no wonder he is among the top surgeons in his field.”

N. Washington


“Dr. Perry is wonderful. He is very kind and gentle. Awesome Dr. just need a staff to match.”

A. Holden


“Great professional service”

D. Pieterse


“Dr. Perry and his staff is always courteous, friendly and professional. Dr. Perry is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and competent surgeons, specifically in the field of nerve decompression and peripheral nerve surgery! Trust him and his staff!”

K. Berry


“Dr. Perry knows what he is doing. I am very pleased with the results!”

T. McMillian


“Wonderful results! Professional, knowledgeable, latest and greatest products and procedures and clean! Highly recommend Dr. Carlton Perry. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. I receive so many compliments on my skin thanks to River Oaks Plastic Surgery Center.”

D. Pieterse


“Competent, comprehensive and very professional. He is patient centered and cares about the needs of the individual. He welcomes questions and can motivate his treatment protocol with relevant examples.”

G. Leggett


“Dr Perry is the best hands down!”

R. Der-tatevasion


“Dr. Perry and his staff were very kind and welcoming. Dr. Perry provided excellent information, listened attentively, and answered all my questions.”

M. Smith


“Dr Perry did a wonderful surgery that returned my quality of life. For that I am eternally grateful. Having said thay, I am very reluctant to schedule follow up visits as the appointment time appears to be a suggestion. I struggle to be cooperative when Ive been made to wait 30 minutes.”

L. Ann Jones


“Great dry visit”

A. Mata


“Dr. Perry very professional and helped me get results i desired. Staff is friendly and amazing.”

E. Schmidt


“Dr. Perry and his entire staff is always professional and very friendly. From the time you walk in the door they great you with a friendly hello and make you feel comfortable. Dr. Perry always answers all my questions and takes time to explain all the procedures and the reasons for them.”

P. Fairchild



T. Bedford


“I have had all good experiences with everyone in the office and Dr. Perry. They are all very thorough and kind.”

A. Temple


“Dr. Perry and everyone in his office have always been very professional and helpful each and every time I visit, and I feel my care is in good hands. The front office staff is one of the best I’ve ever encountered in a medical establishment.”

K. Scasat


“Dr Perry was referred to me & I was most impressed with his explanation s if the surgery. Definitely would recommend to friends & family.”

K. Fitzgerald


“Truly appreciate Dr. Carlton and his sincerity. Simple discussion room with a huge screen to demonstrate procedures of other patients and after your surgery, a video of your procedure. Couldn’t be done any better. Talks to the level of a non professional in the medical field which was very beneficial.”

L. Ann Jones


“Dr. Perry was my surgery doctor to treat my migraines. I had great success post- surgery. I now continue to see Dr. Perry for my follow-ups to monitor my progress. I feel like a new person. Thank you.”

T. Razaq


“Dr Perry is the best ..”

A. Estrella


“Great service from office staff and Dr is very informative and thorough.”

T. Razaq


“Dr Perry is the best .”

A. Lowe


“Dr. Perry is very experienced and has a great bedside manner. He always takes the time we need to help us understand the surgery and what we should be doing, and is very patient with all of our many questions.”

C. Davis


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Perry. He spent an unbelievable amount of time with me, myself, at my first visit with him and then took the same amount of time answering most of the same questions for my husband at the pre-op appointment without appearing frustrated or without rushing us through the appointment. He wanted to make sure we felt as comfortable as possible and had no questions unanswered going into surgery.”

L. Ayala


“Dr. Perry took the time to explain the cause of my Occipital Neuralgia and how it can be corrective. He was very understanding and answers all our questions. Hopeful for surgery”

K. Long


“Dr. Perry has treated me for the past three years. He has incredible attention to detail and a caring attitude that has gone a long way towards my complete recovery. His staff is also very helpful and considerate.”

N. Kienholz


“I have complete faith in Dr. Perry He understands my lymph deems problem and works “with” it. I’m sure my new scars will disappear.”

E. Steven


“Dr. Perry was very thorough! He took the time to look at past health history and present. He made sure that before we left we knew exactly what our medical plan of action was. His front desk assistant, Sally, was very helpful and kind! Overall we had a positive appointment and were very pleased with him.”

H. Paskey


“My husband and I had our first visit with Dr. Perry today. He was very thorough and understanding. He took time to discuss my health concerns and clearly discussed treatments options for us. We are looking forward to him continuing our care and highly recommend him.”

L. Hinojosa


“Great staff”

K. Masera


“Excellent Staff! Dr. Perry is excellent and actually listens to the patient. I felt that everything we discussed was gone over with a fine tooth comb and I completely understood my treatment plan as well as felt comfortable with all he explained.”

T. Razaq


“Thank you for providing such excellent, gentle and skilled services. Seeing you is always a fun experience and I LOVE your office and your great staff. I am so happy with my results. I feel like this is the best I’ve looked in years!”

L. Colley


“Dr. Perry and his staff always make you comfortable. They take time to visit . It never feels like a docot’s appointment!”

B. Sloane


“Knowledgeable and caring physician. Competent and friendly office staff.”

K. Masera


“Dr Perry was very informative and look forward to working with him”

P. Manue


“Anyone that has suffered from migraines needs to see Dr Perry!!! I had suffered almost 40 years, and I have now been 6 months MIGRAINE-FREE”

K. Green


“Excellent care & clear explanations of each step of the surgery.”

K. Green


“Top notch care.”

K. Green


“Excellent care. Very caring doctor. I would definitely recommend him & his staff. Top notch care. The best!”

T. Razaq


“Absolutely great and professional doctor! And wonderful staff!

K. Green


“Excellent care!”

K. Green


“Always helpful.”

J. Moody


“Dr. Perry is an extremely caring doctor. He will get to the root of your health concern asap”

J. Slater


“Dr. Perry and his staff have been absolutely wonderful since the beginning of my journey 2 years ago. From initial screening, to post-surgery care I have been completely satisfied. They were always willing to listen to my questions, and explained all that was happening.”

P. Salinas


“Dr Perry and Staff always professional and friendly.”

P. Manuel


“As a chronic migraine sufferer for almost 40 years, I would recommend anyone that is suffering to please consult with Dr Perry. I had nerve decompression surgery in June and can honestly say, no migraines since surgery. I have never felt more alive! What a relief to not have to take a daily medication that may or may not work!”

J. Brown


“I love Dr. Perry, he has helped my migraines so much! He is extremely knowledgeable and cautious in his treatment.”

S. Mathews


“Dr Perry and his entire staff are wonderful. They have gone above and beyond to help me. You are always a person first in their office, not ever just a number. The care is personal, but professional. Lots of time is spent each time and all concerns are addressed. I have seen so many doctors in my search for relief from head pain, I believe I found my answer. I can not say enough as to how impressed I am with my care here. He really cares about how you are feeling.”

K. Long


“Dr. Perry and his staff are friendly, personable and professional.”