Chronic Migraine

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Chronic migraine is defined as having more than 15 headache days per month.  Most of the patients that we see have daily or near daily headaches. Our patients have seen multiple doctors and multiple clinics in an effort to find relief from their headaches.  Many non-surgical therapies have been tried and have failed to provide the relief that our patients are seeking.  We have developed an extensive protocol to help us determine which patients might have these issues and would be the best candidates for possible nerve decompression surgery for headache.  By best candidate, we mean those patients who are most likely to get the most benefit following the surgery. If this sounds like you and you are interested in seeing if you might be a surgical candidate, please contact our offices by phone or email and we will get the evaluation process started for you.

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Nerve decompression surgery has been able to provide relief in a certain group of these headache sufferers.

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