New Daily Persistent Headache

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New Daily Persistent Headache, often abbreviated as NDPH, is a type of chronic headache disorder. The “new daily persistent” part of the name means that this headache appears suddenly one day, often the patient can remember the exact moment that the headache started, down to the exact time and date, and then the head and neck pain continues virtually every day afterward. It’s like waking up with pain in your head and neck one morning and then having that same pain every day thereafter.

“Chronic” here means it is long-lasting; it does not go away easily. The unique feature of NDPH is that people can usually remember the exact day and even the time the headache started. The pain in the head and neck can range from moderate to severe and can feel like a constant pressure on both sides of the head and neck, similar to a tension headache, or a throbbing, squeezing pain, similar to a migraine.

The exact cause of NDPH is still unknown, and while it can be challenging to treat, some medications and therapies can help manage the symptoms. In some instances, the cause of the New Daily Persistent Headache is lack of blood flow to the nerves in the back of the head and neck. In the appropriate patient, nerve decompression surgery helps to reestablish blood flow to the nerves which relieves the patient of constant pain. If you would like to see if you are a candidate for nerve decompression surgery, fill out the headache survey on this website and contact our offices. We hope that your journey to pain relief is successful. Click on the Headache Survey button below and take the survey. Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Nerve decompression surgery has been able to provide relief in a certain group of these headache sufferers.

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